Baling & Straw Supply Contracts

Baling Contracts

We are one of the largest and most reliable operators of Big Balers in the South of England. Baling is an important part of our business and we therefore operate many large balers, producing a variety of different bale sizes, to satisfy the demands of farms and businesses of all types.

We generally cover Sussex and neighbouring counties, although we can bale anywhere in the country.

Bales for Straw and Hay are normally available in the following sizes:

Length Height Width Tractor & Baler
2.4m (8') 1.2m (4') 1.2m (4')
2.4m (8') 1.2 (4') 0.8m (3')
2.4m (8') 0.8m (3') 0.8m (3')

(All sizes are approximate - bale length can be varied). Weights are approximately 250kg - 650kg.

Haylage is usually baled in smaller bales of 1.2m (4') x 0.8m (3') x 0.8m (3') which we can then wrap and stack as required. We can bale, wrap and stack haylage on a contract basis, or supply you direct from our own stored product.

Straw and hay can be field or farm stacked as required using our fleet of modern collectors, loading and road transport machines and vehicles. Again, we can supply you directly from our own stored products. Contact us for more information.

Straw Supply Contracts

We supply large and small volume users of straw all year round. From multi-million pound Composting Companies, Feed Processing Mills and Industrial Users to individual farms requiring feed or bedding straw.

Deliveries can be arranged anywhere in the United Kingdom, or even exported if required.

Contact us for more information.